Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Eye Tuna Pizza

Bellagio, Las Vegas
The concept is simple, the result is brilliant. Tortilla crust, sliced big eye tuna, truffle oil. Who knew it'd be so good? Crispy crust, creamy & fresh tuna along with fragrant truffle oil to give it a little omph.

When I was little, I rarely had any raw/cooked tuna. To me, tuna sounded like a type of fish from the can and tastes dry. My dad always order the yellowtail and rarely the tuna. Tuna reminds me of how raw fish wasn't as popular back then where people still have this fuzzy concept of sashimi/sushi. Look at where it's now, every 1/2 mile stretch of any mainstream road and there's a teriyaki/sushi place.

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