Monday, March 14, 2011

Montage, Beverly Hills

With high hopes and expectations, we were a little disappointed at their signature afternoon tea sets. Montage had every thing it needed for it to be a perfect afternoon for girls gathering-- the ambiance, silverwares, the china, the teapots and the service BUT the tea sandwiches & the desserts were quite disappointing. I even ordered a tuna poke to compare it to my first visit and nope, the tuna poke tasted awfully salty as if the chef drown the tuna in a bottle of soy sauce and we had to notify the waiter about it. The tuna poke at the first visit was delightful- tasty and refreshing and the second experience has none of it.
The tea sandwiches at montage is alright, but I'd rather drive down to Pasadena for more filling & tasty sandwiches @ Scarlett tea room. Desserts were nice...but nothing beyond it's look. Afterall, I'd probably hit Peninsula or Langham in Pasadena if I absolutely have to have teas at a hotel.

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