Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ikko, Costa Mesa

Mixed feelings about this tiny Japanese fusion place in Costa Mesa. Been there a few times and still couldn't give this place a definite yay or nay. The last experience at Ikko was good, even though Chef Ikko wasn't around but they did managed a good job in serving some decent sushi. The cooked food tho, especially the monkfish liver wasn't how I liked it. The liver was rather fishy, and the sweet, tangy sauce to go along with the liver felt like 2 separate world in my mouth.
My companion loves their Uni. I asked if last night's Uni from akasaka in Hacienda Heights was comparable she said, Ikko's uni is wayyyyy better.

The highlight of the meal was this-Tamago. Actually, it's the highlight of my food journey in these couple months. Finally, a tamago thick enough that satisfies my cravings for tamago yet flavorful and so tender that I just wanted to order more. I loved it so much that I had to order one togo for my dear bf to taste it.

How will the next dining experience at Ikko goes? We will see.

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