Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fried Chicken Invasion

Applause for Koreans who've outdid their fried chicken!

First of all, I have been reading blogs raving about Korean style fried chicken. It's so popular that there are more Korean fried chicken places than KFC in Korean town. Finally when one opened that's closer to my house, I have to get some KFC! (Korean fried chicken haha)

But look at the bag! look at the box they use!!! It doesn't look like your ordinary fried chicken bag/box does it? it's more like a shopping bag sorta. And I have to say that they definitely put the cost of all these fancy packaging into the prices of their chickens.

It was good though, good enough for me to go back for it even though it's about 7.99 for four drumsticks and 7.99 for 4 wings and 4 drumettes. The price is right where as I don't think it's too expensive that I'll probably go back if I really want it or reasonable that I'd want to have it every week. But seriously, their marinates are good! Either garlic soy or sweet-spicy, they are both good! The flavors of garlic soy is not as strong as the sweet-spicy kind and the garlic is a bit understated where the sweet-spicy stands out and wins the crowd.

Along with the fried chicken, we also ordered chicken bulgogi and it came with cabbage salad that kinda cleans your palate. WOW, talk about fiery, the bulgogi is super spicy but super good! I usually don't eat much rice but I had to eat rice with every bite of bulgogi. There's lots of veggies in the bulgogi which I really like and even though it gives my tongue 3rd degree burn, I'd still order it because it's so addictive and spicy!!!

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